Split or cracked hair? Warning signs about your hairs health. Hair thinning? Get it checked by a
qualified Trichologist
Hair loss With treatment help retain hair
and even maybe grow some back!

Servicing both Melbourne, Victoria & Hobart, Tasmania
NOW consulting in Singapore and Malaysia

Hair Consultations Now Available in Hobart

Trichology Technology has been successfully delivering hair loss solutions in Melbourne for the last two years and  have now set up practice in Hobart servicing all of Tasmania.

As practicing and a fully qualified Trichologist, having studied under David Salinger, we keep up to date with the latest research and studies in all areas of Hair and Scalp related issues by attending Hair and Scalp Conferences around the Globe.

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About Trichology

What does it mean and what’s it all about?

What is a Trichologist?

Find out what a trichologist does and can do for you.

The Consultation

What is it that happens when I go to the Trichologist?